Georgia Will Changes

What can Invalidate your Will?

It is a good idea to periodically review your Will and consult with your attorney if your situation changes.  There are many changes that you can experience in life that may invalidate a prior Will. The birth and/or adoption of a child can invalidate a Will unless there is a provision in the Will that expressly provides for the addition of a child. Getting married or physically destroying your Will can also make your Will invalid.

Why would you need to change or update your current Will?
  • You have gotten married or divorced
  • You have added a child to your family.
  • You have moved to another state
  • Your financial means changes drastically
  • A significant change in tax laws occurs that could greatly affect your bequests under your will.
  • One of your beneficiaries passes away.
  • You decide to add or change beneficiaries.
  • Your chosen guardian, trustee or executor can no longer serve that role.
When Would a Simple Will Not be Appropriate?
  • If your estate is over $2 million dollars and/or you have a large array of assets. You should seek more advanced tax planning advice and develop a more complex structure for your will.
  • If you plan on developing trusts as part of your financial plan.
  • If you have a disabled child, you should seek advice regarding a Special Needs Trust.
  • If you want to avoid probate.
  • If you are not a citizen of the United States of America.

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