Georgia Simple Will

What can a Basic Will Do?

In the event of your death, a basic Will can list how you would like your property distributed. Such property can include real estate, automobiles, jewelry, art, money, stocks and bonds. Accounts held jointly with another personal and insurance policies require the designation of a beneficiary and are generally distributed outside of a Will. A Basic Will should also designate a guardian, and/or alternate guardians,  for your minor children if no other custodial parent is surviving at the time of your death.

A Basic Will may help lessen the amount of taxes paid by your estate upon your death. A Basic Will lets you choose the individual, bank, or trust company to serve as executor of your estate. The executor of your Will manages your estate according to your desires and Georgia law. Without a Will, your beneficiaries will have to petition the Court to name an administrator, which can be costly and time consuming.

Individuals with numerous real estate properties, large sums of investments whether stocks or securities, should consider speaking with an attorney to develop a more complex estate plan which would incorporate trusts.

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