Georgia Last Will and Testament

Does Georgia have specific requirements for the creation of a Will?

Under Georgia law, you must have the capacity to create a Will and you must be at least 14 years of age. The Will must be in writing and signed by the person creating the Will and witnessed by two individuals who are not beneficiaries under the Will.

Also Georgia law allows for a year’s support for a deceased person’s spouse or minor children with or without the creation of a Will. This award can be of either property or money and it is superior to all other debts of the estate except secured debts.

Taking Care of Your Pets

Although you can create a pet trust to take care of your pets at the time of your death, not everyone needs a pet trust to provide for adequate care of their pet upon their death.  If you can appoint a reliable caregiver to take care of your pet upon your death, this may be all that is needed. First, find a caregiver that is willing to take upon this responsible and also, choose an alternate caregiver.

When deciding the allotment to leave behind for the care of your pet, consider the average yearly expenditures and multiply this by the lifespan of your pet; however, remember to take into account emergency vet care and any expenses if your pet is special needs.  Consider devising a Pet Care List that gives detailed instructions on the everyday care of your pet, your desired standard of care for your pet, and its likes and dislikes.

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